The Challenge

JM Family was seeking a solution to address how they send monthly statements to their dealerships. Their challenges included a same day timeline to process data, print and deliver the mail to the USPS and the production costs to accommodate this tight deadline. A dozen temps were hired each month to manually separate and insert each statement into a 9x12 envelope. The completed mail was delivered to JMA’s mailroom for metering and would then be sent to PCI for comingling, postage discounts and delivery to the USPS.  The entire process needed to be completed within 13 hours.

The Solution

PCI brought the entire mail process “Under One Roof” within our Ft. Lauderdale facility. PCI  reprogrammed to fully automate this project and redesign the statements according to USPS guidelines. Barcodes and quality controls were added giving us the ability to separate records for increased accuracy, account for the entire mailing and eliminate human error. We also programmed to print double-sided instead of the single-sided format previously being used, thereby reducing the amount of paper used. This small change allowed us to use a 6”x9” letter sized envelope for 87% of the entire mailing, decreasing postage costs by 51%. The folding & insertion process are now fully automated and take a small fraction of the time it once did. Travel time was also cut from transporting the mailing between facilities.


PCI was able to save JM Family time and money through the elimination of manual labor, lease costs and wasted materials. This  also resulted in steeper postage discounts for JMA, increasing their overall postage savings by almost $1,800.00 per month.